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Flashlight St Ives discusses Child Poverty in St Ives with Cornwall Live

We are a local youth and community based organisation devoted to supporting young adults and teenagers of the St.Ives and surrounding area

Started in late September of 2010, Flashlight was a small organsation that welcomed young people of St. Ives and Carbis Bay into safe and secure building. Most of the members that joined Flashlight St. Ives had issues at home, school, with the local community and police or with themselves. 

When Flashlight first started it was a way of opening up a positive environment for those individuals and offering them a moment where they are free to be who they are and to focus on good things they thought they never had in their lives. Flashlight St. Ives encouraged young people to be creative, confident and showed them that anything is possible to achieve.

Year’s later Flashlight St. Ives still offers a supporting role to the young adults and teenagers of St. Ives, Carbis Bay and the surrounding area.

Flashlight St. Ives welcomes any person from any background to join in at Flashlight and we are always happy to meet new people.

Flashlight St. Ives

The Tower

Bedford Road


TR26 1SP

Openning Times

Thursday: 19:00 - 21:00

Friday: 17:00 - 20:00

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