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Flashlight St. Ives: Thank You

Thanks to all our staff and volunteers, our funders, and of course, the people who make Flashlight St. Ives possible. 

If you haven't already seen our film highlighting some of the events we have done over the year then please check it out on About Us.

Flashlight St. Ives: Sand To Sky

It has been a great summer for Flashlight St. Ives we have been up to many great events including our sand to sky events.

With help from our funders we set up an amazing summer for the young people of St. Ives. Using the Carbis Bay beach and with addition help form Carbis Bay Hotel the summer of 2015 will be one to remember.

Flashlight St. Ives @ the Tate St. Ives

As part of Circuit at Tate St Ives, local youth-group Flashlight St Ives came to Tate for four different workshops, including stencil, print and screen print work (on T shirts), a poster print and visual imagery workshop, a film-making session (see some of the results below – warning: may make you want to move to St Ives) , culminating in our Young@Tate day on Saturday 14 March.

We have loved spending time together, and are looking forward to getting to know each other even better in the future.

On the 14th of March Flashlight St. Ives was honoured to be involved in [Circuit at] Tate St. Ives and Tate Collective organised events, where we had the amazing opportunity to be involved in working with talented artists, see our hometown in a different light and become fully immersed in the ways of art.

"We've loved getting to know Flashlight St . Ives and are looking forward to seeing you all again the future."

Tate St. Ives

Flashlight St. Ivesand Sketch 86


Flashlight St. Ives & Sketch 86 make history by designing and painting St. Ives' first urban art piece. With a little help from the youth of St. Ives.

Although controversial in the local town, the urban art piece which can be located at the Stennack Car Park has brought the young people of St. Ives that little bit closer to participating in their local community.


"Flashlight St Ives, a project which works with vulnerable young people, has launched a healthy eating programme, art projects and media production events after gaining more support and recognition for its work."


"The Tesco store in St Ives split their donation between Penpol Friends Association and Flashlight St Ives, each receiving a £250 donation."

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