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This is what we get up to. Just a small handful of some of the adventurous events and programs we run inside and out Flashlight St. Ives.


Working with our Local Community

At Flashlight we work closely with local organisation in St. Ives, these include St. Ives Town Council, retail shops, inn houses, the local police service, churches, schools, small businesses and other youth organisation to provide the best service to our member as well as the community.


Flashlight Stealthy Healthy Eating

Here at Flashlight St. Ives, we believe no one should go hungry and with the support of Comic Relief we are always promoting and offering various food projects where our members get the chance to make home cooked and healthy meals, although we do like to have a few sweet treats now and then. 



On a summers’ day in St. Ives, we took our members to the beach and involved them in a coast steering project. They had the chance to do rock jumping, kayaking and build upon their team building skills. While swimming in the crystal clear waters they also got the chance to experience the exhilaration of sea level traversing.


Art and Music Events

In St. Ives if you walk up to the Stennack surgery on Stennack Hill you will see an urban art piece. Flashlight St. Ives, with the help from the local community designed and created that piece. We are very passionate about art and music and offer a wide range of events to suit anyone’s creative flare and with help from the Tate St. Ives we intend to do more creative events.

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What We Offer

Also at Flashlight St. Ives we offer a wide range of fun and exciting activities that are educational as well as something that our members may have not done before or may never get to. We understand that individual people may come across hard times but at Flashlight we like to focus on the good, to promote a positive outlook and to offer a caring and safe environment for everyone.

Want to become a volunteer?

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